Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Our favourite Christmas traditional sweet


The fig tree of Cosenza is the best making tasty sweets.Crocette are four figs simply sun dried and crossed and stuffed with almond.”I palloni di fichi” (fig balls) are also very famous and are made by stuffing leaves from the fig tree with small pieces of dry fruits.Serve with a Locride passito IGT wine.

Dry figs, peeled and toasted almonds or walnuts or dried citrus peel.

Divide two figs into two halves from the stalk to the bottom, leaving the bottom of the fruit connected, Fill some of the figs with almonds or half the walnuts or the citrus peel. Then put the oder figs on top, close by pressing down with the finger. Repeat with the remaining two figs and place on top of the other figs to form the shape of a cross. Press the figs again using a utensil that allows them to stay that way for 24 hours. When ready put on a baking tray and cook in the oven at between 150-120°until golden.When cold brush figs with a solution of water and fighoney, dust ith sugar and garnish with laurel leaves.
Giorgia (I A), an Italian student from Catanzaro

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