Tuesday, 2 December 2008



Every year in Catanzaro, on “Corso Mazzini”, there are some pipers near some people dressed like Santa Claus. They give some sweets to the children. Italian children don’t wait the morning of the 25th , but they open their presents during the night of the 24th . The night of the 24th in Italy it is costum to have a big dinner named “cenone”. In this big dinner we generally eat: fish dishes, the “zeppole”, flour pancakes stuffed with anchovies or tuna in brine. In Cassano you eat:, cod, broccoli, spaghetti with anchovies, fennel, fried pumpkin, oranges, pears. In Diamante it is typical to eat “chinali”, a sweet pastry. In Cosenza and in the Sila there are an infinity of desserts. After the “cenone”, it is costume to play bingo, with your relatives and friends.
You eat panettone, pandoro, fruit, especially dried.
It’s costume on the 25th December, to go and give wishes to the neighbours.
In my school, “the Mattia Preti”, we pass very well the Christmas. Each year we do a party where we eat and drink. We sing Christmas carols and we do a small show to manifest the peace. My school is decorated for Christmas very well,
There is the tree, the crib, Christmas garlands and some decorated billboards. My school is very beautiful every day, but when Christmas arrives it is particularly beautiful. During the week we go to learn the computer in the computer room. In this room there are 13 computers. Out teacher, Mr Giovanni Barbuto, teaches us how to use it with great patience. During the art hours our teacher, Mr Giuseppe Celi, shows us the beauty of his paintings. We are learning two languages: English with the teacher, Ms Antonella Sellia, and French with the teacher Ms Patrizia Ariosto. In our school there isn’t a gym, but we’ve a good time when we go to our court and do gymnastics.

JACOPO FERA (III A), a student

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